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We work with film sales companies to produce content on limited budgets.  


We serve as an independent contractor and 'work made for hire' and handle all components of principal photography including draft of shooting script with direction from sales company, procure all studio, location and services for the picture, handle all components of “Principal Photography” and   

providing all other production services necessary to complete and deliver the Picture in accordance with sales companies direction, fully completed and ready for the POST Production process.  


We are unique for several reasons.  The key points being:


Sales Company retains all copyright ownership of the picture.


We deliver the Program fully cleared of all third-party payments, including all profit participations, payments

to the Screenwriters (i.e., Screen Writer(s)), music payments and third-party royalties.


Act as paymaster for any and all

collective bargaining payments and mandated residuals payable to any guild (e.g., SAG, DGA, WGA)


Furnishing or procuring all studio, location and services for the Picture, including, without limitation, wardrobe, sets, props, photography, sound recording and field mixing and all other elements needed or required


We insure proper data management of recorded video and audio files, to

include, insuring all data files, including, but not limited to, raw video, trans-codes or proxies and all audio files are double backed up.


Engaging all persons rendering services for the Picture, including, without limitation, producers, directors, writers, actors, actresses, crew, etc.


Maintain or obtain production insurance for the Picture.

The Team

The People of Colossal

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