Great News!! Aspiring Actors and Background Talent!


Concise, reliable and systematic way of preparing for a role.
Teach critical thinking not simply memorization.
Active application of a set of strategies by an actor to create and perform a role.
The art of rehearsal and performance

Learn Acting for the Screen Directly from Seasoned Hollywood Producer and Director Paul Tomborello

Interactive Acting Workshop,
Santa Monica, CA


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Work with expert filmmaker, writer, and producer, Paul Tomborello --- the talent behind Disney XD’s Little Savages and the Walmart Exclusive Billie the Kid...


Explore what goes behind the scenes (literally), and the major difference between a good actor and a great one!


Learn a rinse-and-repeat, concise, reliable, and systematic way of preparing for a role and executing a performance through repetition, scene analysis, groupings and on camera exercises.


Is It for Me?

Only you can tell, but we'll help you answer…


To be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we invite only those people who: 

  • FOSTER a deep love for storytelling-- meanwhile, theater and films are their favorite mediums for that…

  • POSSESS a rich imagination that needs to be channeled through taking on different characters…

  • BELIEVE acting is mystical, magical, compelling, and consuming and something they want to dedicate their life to...

  • LIVE for the opportunity to make people laugh or cry and the applause that follows…


If the little voice in your head said yes, then let me tell you how the workshop can set you up to stardom…

  • Get expert constructive practice and honest feedback that will hone your skills dramatically and enable you to climb the success ladder consistently and rapidly.

  • Expand your actor toolkit and learn how to expand your portfolio to cover a wide range of roles … 

  • Ditch old-school obsolete acting techniques that are no longer relevant…
  • Explore your true potential by learning directly from a professional on-field rather than self-proclaimed acting gurus who know nothing about what goes behind the scenes

  • Know your worth and build on it without wasting hundreds of hours in front of the mirror or watching YouTube videos...

  • Get involved in your community, expand your knowledge, understand and contribute to the needs of your network…

  • Build a rock-solid network and get recognized by your fellow peers...

  • Learn, unlearn, and relearn the art of marketing and self-promoting your skills to the right audience...

  • Finally, shift from the treacherous cycle of feast one month and famine the other to consistent work by securing long-term contracts…


A successful career in acting also requires equal parts of talent and practice - with a sprinkle of luck thrown in…


Today your luck is knocking on your door…


But, the clock is ticking and the seats are filling up fast (only 20 spots)...


Many excellent actors are often out of work mainly because they refuse to learn, adapt, and adjust to the constantly evolving industry…


Frankly speaking, the major roadblock between you and your dream is the lack of direction and a degree of background knowledge possessed by only those who are working in the field...


Hence, in reality, the only option for an actor is to either be an expert or to learn from one. Fast.



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