Practical Aesthetics for Novice and Secondary Actors

We offer an incredible 3 Day Workshop in Santa Monica, CA for Novice and Secondary Actors.  In this program, through repetition, scene analysis and groupings, individuals will leave with a system that you will always have at your fingertips, one concise, reliable and systematic way of preparing for a role and executing a performance.  Does not fade from memory.

New Acting Workshop in sunny Santa Monica.  Class limit of 12 people per class, sign up now and register HERE.


Instructor:  Paul Tomborello

Paul Tomborello is a working director and producer.  He has directed the talents of Katherine McNamara (ShadowHunters, Birds of Prey), Leigh-Allyn Baker (Disney's Good Luck Charlie), Jamie Kennedy (Scream), Luke Perry (Riverdale, Beverly Hills 90210), Charisma Carpenter ie.  He currently directs at least two feature films per year. 


Partner Pairings

Repetition Level I, II, III

Scene Analysis 

Memorizing without Internal Analysis

Facts of the Scene, What's Literally goin on

What does my character want?

What is my action, task, objective?

As if Game

What are my Tactics?

Scene Analysis Applied in Performance

We insure proper data management of recorded video and audio files, to

include, insuring all data files, including, but not limited to, raw video, trans-codes or proxies and all audio files are double backed up.

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